Explaining Resilience: What Makes Some People Bounce Back from Adversities Better Than Others?

01 May, 2018

Dylan still recalls the bleak and dark days when his father would return home drunk and ready to beat him up at the slightest provocation. He always felt like he was walking on eggshells in the house. But 15 years after he abandoned his father and the house he grew up, Dylan became Officer Dylan – sworn to protect citizens in less privileged neighborhoods like the one he lived in.


#MeToo: Why Sharing Sexual Harassment Stories Helps

14 November, 2017

It was an unusually warm November morning when Maria waited with bated breath for the announcement of her promotion. She was sure she would get it. After all, her boss had just about confirmed it yesterday. Yet, when the announcement was made it was Bob, her junior, that bagged the coveted position. Her sunny demeanor instantly vanished.


How To Talk About Tragic Events With A Teenager – A Beginner’s Guide

26 October, 2017

After a gunman opened fire on a crowd of hapless concertgoers in Las Vegas on the night of October 1, 2017, the entire nation was grieving for the loss of numerous lives. The recent spate of tragic events has left many parents, children, senior citizens and teenagers anxious, sad, worried and even angry.


Family Meetings 101: Why It’s Important And How You Can Hold Successful Ones

21 October, 2017

Carol was having a difficult time parenting her two teenage daughters, Sarah and Selena. After trying a slew of parenting tactics she read online, ranging from mild persuasion to authoritative discipline, the single mother of two decided to hold a family meeting and talk about it. In the meeting, which was rarely conducted in their home, Carol expressed her feelings of failure as a parent and was honest with her two children.

Beyond Blame: Here’s Why It’s OK To Take A Break In Your Relationship

18 October, 2017

When you hear the words “taking a break” many synonymously feel it means that a relationship has gone to its grave. The words “space,” “break” and “timeout” conjure images of couples in tears, insults, hurtful jabs, banging doors and broken vases strewed across the floor.


But taking a break in a relationship doesn’t necessarily mean that a couple is breaking it off. In fact, it’s one of the most mature and sensible things to do when you need to calm down, understand your partner’s perspective in a conflict and figure out your identity as an individual over just being someone’s better half.

Let’s Talk About Sex In Marriage

18 October, 2017

Sex. The very topic stirs decades of social stigma, taboo, and feelings of shame. Even though it’s easy to get information on sex thanks to the Internet, most couples still shy away from talking about it. Unfortunately, sex is one of the prime reasons marriages fail. But bad sex may not be the problem per se – it could be the couples’ reluctance to talk about it.


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