How Can Couples Live Happily When They Have Conflicting Work Schedules?

02 August, 2018


Imagine this: You come home late after work only to find your better half fast asleep. Then you wake up the next morning and reach out to cuddle your partner only to find that they’ve already left for work. Now imagine that this was happening every day of the year. Wouldn’t it put a strain on your relationship?

How Focusing On Yourself Helps Your Relationships

23 June, 2018


We’ve all heard of this popular saying: Taking care of yourself is important. However, what we don’t realize is that when you take care of yourself, you also taking care of your relationships. Self- care strengthens bonds. In fact, many partners see their better half in a whole new light once they start loving and respecting themselves. You treat others around you with kindness, so why not extend that same kindness and compassion to yourself?

Mindful Eating and Shopping: How Mindfulness Can Change the Way You Eat and Shop

02 June, 2018


On a clear Sunday morning, Ellie set out to the mall to indulge in some eating and shopping. She passed several restaurants before halting at a McDonald’s and relishing the aroma of piping hot fries. Despite being on a diet, Ellie decided to eat two burgers, one large fries and a tall glass of coke. After her delicious meal, she headed to a nearby retail outlet to buy a pair of boots. Only she ended up with one pair of boots, one pair of heels, three shirts and one handbag.

How Mindfulness Can Help People Cope With Addictions

28 May, 2018

Contrary to popular belief, mindfulness isn’t some esoteric Buddhist practice. In the simplest of terms, mindfulness means focusing your awareness to the present moment. Being aware of one’s feelings and accepting oneself is also a byproduct of mindfulness – and it can be achieved through meditation.


Do We Really Have Soul Mates? Examining the Age-Old Cliché

11 May, 2018


Soulmates. The very idea conjures images of couples growing old together, ideas about the “perfect” man or woman and memories of watching various rom-com movies. The idea that there is one person who is uniquely compatible with you and who you are destined to be with is very appealing. After all, we all want to feel special. We all want to believe that someone was made just for us.

How Mindfulness Can Break Bad Habits

07 May, 2018

18-year-old Chloe knew in her heart of hearts the truth: She was addicted to her cellphone. Checking social media apps, responding at lightning speeds to text messages and getting anxiety attacks every time she thought she misplaced her phone was a part of her routine now. It took almost being in a car accident because she responded to a text to make her realize that she needed help. She needed to break this habit.

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