Physical infidelity is the most common betrayal in an intimate relationship and can be extremely damaging mainly because it results in serious loss of trust. But there are other types of betrayal in an intimate relationship that can be equally damaging and ruin things between a couple. In this article, I’ll be discussing the types of betrayal other than physical infidelity in an intimate relationship that can be as damaging if not more than physically cheating on your partner.


Becoming selfish: Instead of putting your partner first to convey that you care for them, if you forget about them and start putting your own needs above theirs, it can be disastrous for your relationship. If you have stopped focusing on your partner’s wants and needs and working on how to meet them and are focusing on just yourself, then you may be damaging the relationship without even realizing it.

Emotional cheating: Nonsexual relationships made at work, gym or even your local coffee shop where you share intimate details about each other’s lives that would upset your partner also amounts to a form of betrayal in an intimate relationship. Sending flirty texts or to an opposite-sex platonic friend or telling them unflattering things about your partner or stuff you wouldn’t share with your partner is an emotional affair which can be more damaging than a physical affair.

Lying: Lying and hiding things from your partner who is the closest person to you in the world amounts to betrayal because an intimate relationship is always built on trust and openness. Lies, even if it is meant to avoid conflict, can be toxic and destroy the safety and trust in an intimate relationship.

Financial cheating: Financial infidelity can have a huge negative impact on relationships. Making secret credit card purchases behind your partner’s back or withholding financial information can make them feel cheated as a consequence of your financial actions and break down the fundamental trust in your intimate relationship.

Emotional stonewalling: Failing to be there for your partner when they need you emotionally, such as during highly stressful events, can be destructive for your relationship. Also, if you are spending more time with friends and colleagues than with your partner or don’t prefer to share your work or life-related issues with your partner, then you are distancing yourself emotionally and creating a gulf in the relationship that won’t be easy to bridge.

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